Maistering nurtures the innocence and energy of a millennial start-up with the deep, proven, experience of business insights veterans.
Our purpose in life: Augmenting Masters with rich AI, bundled in Master Collections, crafted to help them shape magical business journeys, and master their true leadership.


Amsterdam. An AI hotspot. The location Maistering's uniquely designed CXO Lab, where Masters are invited for an ‘Inspirience Day’ to experience Master Collections' hands-on, and get inspired by our rich curation of AI-services and contents. A Maistering team joins forces with a Master to model one or two of their journeys, for instant contextual assessment.


True to Zen minimalism, our personality captures 3 values. Essence promises deep content, without clutter. Beauty symbolises the aesthetics and inner beauty of an artisan, making the complex, seem easy. Impact alludes to the never-ending creation of new life.


Zen reflects purpose and essence. By filtering and focusing, Master Collections instils in the Master an emptiness, where intuition and spontaneity flourish. Master Collections chart multiple journeys with ease and subtleness, providing the Master with unusual powers of orchestration. Each journey with a specific team, context, and lifecycle. Master Collections adapts to the Master's style, setting the stage for authentic and enriching leadership journeys.

Meet the Maisters at Maistering

Aristea Nini

– AI Engineer

Aristea is passionate about AI. She works as a data scientist in Maistering in both the Intelligence Engine, and Data Engineering Teams. Aristea has a Master’s degree in Industrial Dynamics and Strategy, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Theory. In her free time, she enjoys going out with her friends and running.

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John Brahim

– CEO & AI Business Architect

John enjoys shaping new things, new views, new worlds, tiny or large, with real people who dare to dream and work hard. He regularly forgets who he is – an admiring father, clueless poet, human economist and a creative technologist. But, he never loses focus his little contribution to the world. For the foreseeable future, that is to Augment Masters. He believes that everyone has a bit of a master in her.

After setting up several small businesses and initiating and leading global businesses at Capgemini as a special business technology leader; he now finds immense joy in bringing applied AI to the leadership of enterprises worldwide, helping masters find their true leadership. He also finds it special to work with untamed guys and girls at Maistering, sharing his passion for essence, beauty, and impact.

You can reach John at

Subir Sarbabidya

– CEO India & Global Product Leader, Product Development & Management

With a professional that career spans over 25 years, Subir has worked with AI, analytics, software and services, media and entertainment. He hones several skills, from creative writing to software development, program and project management, to sales, marketing, and service delivery. At Maistering, he pitches his expertise at thought, execution, strategy and people leadership, focused on building and nurturing robust relationships with clients, associates and partners.

AI has its many frontiers, and the idea of augmenting leadership journeys by harnessing the power of AI in a mobile, digital world is what excites him the most.

You can reach Subir at

Benedict Alphonse

– Chief Engineer

Benedict loves to dream, believing that all things originate from dreams. An architect and AI developer, he has created and implemented many desktop, web, mobile, cloud-based and data analytics projects, leveraging Microsoft Technology Stack and Twelve-Factor App methodology. Helping organisations explore business insights, leveraged by advanced data analytics techniques, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, and IoT.

Benedict is a multi-skilled consultant, with 16 years of experience in designing, developing and deploying solutions.

You can reach Benedict at

Venkat Iyer

– Group Director, Sales

Over 24 years as a business leader focused on creating intelligent enterprises by leveraging data as a corporate asset, Venkat has helped organisations increase business leverage, create unique customer experiences, increase loyalty, maximise profits and reduce operational costs.

He's excited by this game-changing era, exploring the endless possibilities created by technologies like AI to create high impact organisations, where leaders can leverage these new concepts, ideas, and tools to achieve positive transformations, for business and society.

Up your game, in this exciting era of change. Email Venkat at

Saurabh Laddha

– Director, Advisory & Implementation Services

Saurabh is passionate about building new things and loves troubleshooting business problems using technology. He's worked across sectors, geographies, and organizations of different sizes, gaining hands-on experience in technology consulting, business incubation, fundraising, and strategic planning. He’s currently relishing his journey, exploring how AI and related technologies will influence the world we live in. An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, the Saurabh you'll meet at leisure, is an avid reader, writer, and traveler.

You can reach Saurabh at

Krzysztof Sadowski

– AI – Lead Engineer

Krzysztof is a computer scientist and engineer with both academic and professional experience. With 10 combined years’ of experience in AI research and programming, he leads the AI effort and heads the Cognitive Services team at Maistering.

His love? Travel, especially to places where snow-covered mountains and skiing adventures await!

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Andra Ionescu

– Data Science Engineer

Passionate about software engineering, Andra is part of UI/UX team at Maistering. With 4 years' experience in web development, she brings quality and expertise to the table. She is currently a front-end developer, but she has full-stack experience. Although her focus is on developing high quality software, her keen eye for detail has her pitching in with the UX team, to create a superlative user experience.

Andra enjoys sport and cooking, and is committed to living a meaningful life, with less.

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Dafni Vlachou

– AI Engineer

Passionate about Machine Learning, Dafni is a part of the Data Engineering team at Maistering. With a Master in Business Analytics and Operations Research and 2 years’ experience in digital agencies, she brings a combination of business and data-oriented thinking to the table. In her free time, she can be found travelling, playing the piano or reading novels.

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Shubhra Dixit

– Conversations Architect

Shubhra was born to be a storyteller, talking before she could walk! She turned her penchant into her vocation, pursuing a Masters in International Communication. She works in a dual role at Maistering – as a Functional Analyst, translating business requirements for the technical team, and as a Conversations Architect, designing conversations between man and machine. She’s worked in branding, product development, research, and learning for over 6 years across industries. She enjoys yoga, Netflix, and a good story! Shubhra loves different genres of music and sometimes dances to them, too.

Send her a story, at

Arash Parnia

– AI Engineer

Arash is passionate about the integration of cutting-edge AI solutions. He leads the Intelligence Engine and Data Science teams with experience in Big Data, Data Science and Software Engineering. When he’s not working, Arash explores craftsmanship, learns about science and evolutionary anthropology, and spends quality time with his growing family.

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Shalini Bose

– HR Business Partner

Shalini is an HR Business Partner, aligning business objectives with employees and management, in designated business units. With experience in compliance, employee engagement, payroll, employee benefits, and HR auditing, Shalini believes in building strong diversity. Shalini catches upon global HR trends, DIY projects, jewelry designing, painting and cooking in her free time.

If you have queries about Talent and Policy, email Shalini at

Muralidaran Sankaralingam

– Principal Engineer

Muralidaran a is strong believer in technology and loves to explore how it could enhance human perception for a better life. Leading the Conversation Intelligence team at Maistering, he’s excited about voice computing and AI becoming a reality. He’s a happy-go-lucky guy with the perspective that this day matters more than anything else, and he tries to give 100% focus to this moment - be it alone or with family or people he comes across. He believes in continuously working towards realizing the perspective and trying to reach the peak of his own potential, one moment at a time.

Get in touch with Muralidaran at

Jorge Hortelano

– Technical Lead

Technology makes Jorge tick. Since childhood, he’s always been interested in any kind of device with blinking lights and buttons. This passion drove him to finish a Ph.D. in Computer Science, publishing several international articles. He’s worked as a Software Analyst and Developer for 9 years, touching varied areas like biometry and health-related applications.

At Maistering, he is the technical leader of the team located in Valencia, where everything related to events and processes is handled. His other passions are Kendo, Salsa and reading a good book.

Reach Jorge at

Prathap Chandran R

– Principal Engineer

Prathap, an avid Cloud Development and Integration Engineer, currently leads the Data and Integration team at Maistering, helping the product team realise the seamless integration of independent, feature-rich modules. He is a person of few words and prefers to let his code and data do the talking! In his leisure, he spends time reading and exploring YouTube videos.

Connect with Prathap at

Bhanu Pratap

– Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Architect, Bhanu analyses, executes and streamlines DevOps practices. He sets up continuous build environments to speed up software development and deployment processes, guiding developers and operation teams, monitoring, reviewing, managing technical operations and evaluating new technologies for integrated development. He's eager to learn new technologies and curious about automation. At leisure, he travels and loves indulging his passion for food.

Reach Bhanu at

Denny Van Grootveld

– Finance Manager

Denny's love for numbers finds her at Maistering as the Finance Manager. Besides finance, Denny also takes care of HR in The Netherlands. Denny's history lies in food, telecom, and dentistry where she performed in several finance functions over the years. She loves to read, to cycle, to enjoy a drink on a terrace, and to spend quality time with her loved ones.

To reach her, email at

Shashidhar Marigowda

– Expert Application Service Engineer

Shashi has over 7 years of IT experience in Software Design and Development. His strong suits: MVC 3/4/5, SQL Server, SSIS, IIS, C#, HTML5, Bootstrap CSS, JQuery (JavaScript) and other Microsoft technologies.

He's especially skilled at gathering, analysing, managing, and validating requirements.He is a fun-loving person who believes in the motto "Be Good , Do Good". He believes in enjoying the life to the fullest, and wants to explore new things, like new places, food, drinks and many more.

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