Faculty: Information and Computer Science, Business Analytics

Management Orchestration

Company Profile

The internship is with the company Maistering, a global start-up with strong foundations as it is funded by experienced players and following a game plan to become global leader in the new category of orchestration tooling. Maistering is leveraging AI to support business leaders to master their objectives and execution, stimulate and facilitate their teams and maximize impact today and mid-term.


Location of the internship will be at the Maistering offices either in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Time Line

The internship starts as soon as possible but not later than March 2019. The duration will be 3 to 6 months.


The internship will be conducted in an international setting, all communication will be conducted in the English language.


A compensation of 500-750 euro per month will be provided. If (occasional) travel to other than the regular office is required, travel costs will be covered.

Research topic

Maistering provides CXO’s with tools that augments them in their day to day work. One aspect of this augmentation is providing the CXO’s with knowledge about how to run enterprises. While this knowledge is not deep and sophisticated – let’s call it “common sense business practices”, it is still very powerful if provided in a structured and systematic way at the fingertips of the CXO’s.

One form of this knowledge is the category of Rituals: simple processes that describe how to run a meeting, how, to solve a problem, how to conduct a workshop, how to appoint a team for a task, or how to develop a business case. If such rituals are known and embodied by the players and supported by tools and systems, efficiency and effectiveness will improve dramatically.

The research should scan the scientific and commercial world for libraries of such rituals and for methods and tools to harvest, create, manage and deploy them.

Prestige Shantiniketan 

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 Kraanspoor 30
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