Job description

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Company Profile

Maistering is a global start-up with strong foundations. It is funded by experienced enterprise players and executing on a game plan to become the global leader in executive orchestration tooling – a brand new category and fascinating playground.

Maistering leverages AI to the max to support business leaders in mastering their objectives and execution, stimulating and facilitating their teams and maximizing business impact.

Maistering provides CXOs and other leaders with a unique approach and tools platform – wired by a compact field team that works in sprints to deliver ‘intent to impact’ solutions and enablement.

A leader leveraging the Maistering way and tools will naturally change the way she leads, augmented in a truly differentiating way by powerful, next generation AI.

Maistering is not a classical consultancy agency, nor is it a solutions provider. Instead, it fluently fuses its unique toolset with an organic change approach. It thus brings the CXO’s personal leadership to new, master levels.

Maistering. Augmenting masters.

Maistering is born as a global AI player with headquarters in Amsterdam / Rotterdam and R&D in Bangalore. In 2019 shop will be set-up in 7 countries. The tools platform will be ready for application in Q1/Q2 2019.

In July and August, the platform development team will be completed. The first versions of the product will be available in Q3, to be elaborated with contributing CXOs in Q4 of 2018. Sales will start April 2019.


Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Employment Type:
Permanent Job, Full Time


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The right candidate should possess/demonstrate –

  • Experience in developing AI cloud applications running on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud, IBM Bluemix etc.
  • Experience in multiple technology frameworks in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing, Micro services Frameworks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Semantic Web, Knowledge Engineering and Natural Language Processing, RDBMS databases, NoSQL Database, Graph Databases etc.
  • Exposure to multiple technologies such as Solr, Elastic Search, Python, Scala, R, Java, RDF, Tensor Flow/Theano, Stanford NLP, CNTK, Keras, MxNet, AWS AI, Universe OpenAI, Caffe2, DeepLearning4j etc.
  • Should be a self-starter, creative thinker, collaborator and a confident communicator with a passion for excellence
  • Should have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Experience in agile software development and Software prototyping.
  • Ability to learn new and emerging technologies.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver working solutions on a tight schedule.
  • Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

The selected candidate will be expected to –

  • Responsible for understanding the business problems, identifying/applying right AI or cognitive computing technologies to solve problems including formulation and execution of technologies recipes for commercial deployment.
  • Develop required machine learning models or prototype applications applying formulated AI recipes and verify the problem/solution fit.
  • Design and build Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP infrastructure, models and applications to generate scalable and high-performance prediction, Evaluation, Recommendation, anomaly detection, bots, sentiment insights and ontologies from structured/ unstructured Big Data and domain rules
  • Determine the best AI technique for a particular customer problem in any industry domain and apply, learn, and adapt.
  • Actively organize and participate in hackathons
  • Create new intellectual property and submit for patents

Why Maistering

  • All the vibe of an aspiring, passionate start-up, yet exposure to the best leaders of some of the greatest enterprise clients in the world.
  • A fascinating team mix of experience (a lot), young ambition (even more) and daring innovation (everywhere).
  • Global and multi-cultural by design, unlimited possibilities for an international career.
  • Applying some of the very, very latest in AI, user experience technology and integration flow platforms.
  • A top-level boutique, offering top-level salaries to top-level people
  • Despite all focus on bleeding edge AI, Maistering puts the human touch, ethics and decency above anything else.

Prestige Shantiniketan 

Hofplein 20
The Netherlands

 Kraanspoor 30
The Netherlands