Faculty: Business Information Management, Information Science

Advanced Collaborative Environment

Company Profile

The internship is with the company Maistering, a global start-up with strong foundations as it is funded by experienced players and following a game plan to become global leader in the new category of orchestration tooling. Maistering is leveraging AI to support business leaders to master their objectives and execution, stimulate and facilitate their teams and maximize impact today and mid-term.


Location of the internship will be at the Maistering offices either in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Time Line

The internship starts as soon as possible but not later than March 2019. The duration will be 3 to 6 months.


The internship will be conducted in an international setting, all communication will be conducted in the English language.


A compensation of 500-750 euro per month will be provided. If (occasional) travel to other than the regular office is required, travel costs will be covered.

Research topic

The Research topic of this internship is an advanced technical environment for teams to collaborate during meetings, brainstorms, workshops or projects. Research should be carried out to find out to what extend existing tools can be used, combined or further developed to suit the needs of Maistering. The following list is a starting point for the analysis.

Connected, collaborative work environment

  • Real-time collaborative editor
  • Shared smart whiteboard
  • Agile team tools

(CAD/CAM) collaborative design tools

Multi-format documents

  • Multi-format documents (e.g. containing a mash-up of text, image, spreadsheet, mind-map)
  • Team room, sharepoint, wiki, document orchestration

Inter-Device handover

  • In-process seamless handover between desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, watch, virtual assistant

Typical research questions include: What kind of technology solutions exist in the market, in what stage of maturity? Who are interesting start-ups in this domain? Who are the leaders? Is there a “Hype Cycle” for these technologies? What other technologies are on the same hype cycle? What is the key functionality of the identified products? Is there a (Gartner) analyst Taxonomy for this domain?

Prestige Shantiniketan 

Hofplein 20
The Netherlands

 Kraanspoor 30
The Netherlands