Augmenting Masters

Leading modern business, inspiring people, mobilizing teams, engaging communities, disrupting and impacting, is still an artisanal craft.

Modern technology has touched everything, but the master himself. Maistering creates radical change, by leveraging AI to turn the holistic, intuitive art of orchestration into practical power.

While Maistering has built a unique toolset, our essence is to bring modern CXO’s unprecedented leadership reach and Zen in their journeys from intent to impact.


Maistering will roll out to five countries in 2019 and start in 2018 with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bangalore.

Our client lab is established in Amsterdam in a unique building in the capital’s harbor. Our development team is situated in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Bangalore.

Feel free to connect with us if you want to get to know the Zen power of Maistering ( or become part of Maistering’s great talent base (

Prestige Shantiniketan 

Hofplein 20
The Netherlands

 Kraanspoor 30
The Netherlands